Refund Policy for Programs

Refunds may be given up to five (5) working days prior to the beginning of each program. If your cancellation causes the program number to fall below the required minimum, the refund will be contingent upon the vacancy being filled. After classes begin, refunds will be made for the following reasons only: 1) Illness or Injury 2) Moving from the Blount County area 3) Cancellation of the program by Parks & Rec. Refunds will be prorated according to the number of classes already held. All refunds are subject to a $5.00 administrative cost charge, unless the program has been cancelled by Parks & Rec.

Parks & Rec. offers swims lessons at John Sevier Pool beginning in late May to early July each summer. The following classes are offered: 

Pre-Registration is Required for All Classes

Right Start Swim Classes

Designed for 3-5 year-olds, with a 1-2 instructor/student ratio. Each child will receive 25 minutes of instruction in water exploration, floating, kicking and arm strokes along with advanced skills for those swimmers who are ready, and 25 minutes of parent/child swim time. Classes are held Monday through Thursday for two weeks for 50 minutes; 25 minutes child/instructor and 25 minutes child/parent to review what they've learned.

Beginner Learn to Swim Classes

Designed for beginner swimmers Age 5 & over, with a 1-3 instructor/student ratio. Basic water skills such as floating, kicking, freestyle and diving are introduced. Participants are grouped according to ability with instruction in 4 levels of swimming skills offered. Classes are held Monday through Thursday for two weeks for 30 minutes.

Advanced Swim Classes

Class Criteria: Participants must be able to dive into deep water, swim 10 yards, float on their back, then swim 10 more yards. Participants should also be proficient in 2 strokes. Instruction in 3 levels of swimming skills is offered for students Ages 6 & up. Classes are held Monday through Thursday for two weeks for 1 hour.