Youth Football

Grasshopper League Rules

PeeWee/Midget League Rules

Congratulations to this year's Super Bowl Champs:

Maryville Titans - Grasshopper National League
Southside Spartans - Grasshopper American League

Maryville Cubs - PeeWee National League

Friendsville Falcons - PeeWee American League

Maryville Rebs - Midget National League

Maryville Bears - Midget American League

Below is a list of area teams.  For more information, please contact coaches or the Parks & Rec. Office at 983-9244.
    • Registration is taken in late January and mid-June depending on availability (teams can take up to 35 players). Please watch for team advertisements in the Sports Section of The Daily Times.
    • Spring practice is held in February and March.
    • Fall practice begins mid-July and continues until the start of the season.
    • Jamborees are normally scheduled for early-mid August with the season beginning the following week. The Super Bowl, which concludes the season, is held in late October.  Exact dates to be announced.  

    Flag Football for Ages 6-10 coming in early Fall. 

    Watch for more details!

    Grasshoppers - Ages 7-8
    PeeWees - Ages 8-10
    Midgets - Ages 10-12

    Area Teams

    Team Coach Email Address
    Alcoa Grasshoppers
    Chris Burchfield
    Alcoa PeeWees
    Tyrone Haley
    Alcoa Midgets
    Derrick Freeman
    Fairview Grasshoppers
    Brian Ervin
    Fairview PeeWees
    Jimmy Parsley
    Fairview Midgets
    Gary Myrick
    Friendsville GH
    Chase Boruff
    Friendsville PeeWees Brandon Gaylor
    Friendsville Midgets
    Bill Pyle 
    Heritage Grasshoppers
    Rob Waters
    Heritage PeeWees
    Brad Hurst
    Heritage Midgets
    Jerry Teaster
    Maryville Bears (M)
    Rick Maples
    Maryville Cubs (PW)
    Rick Etherton
    Maryville Lil' Rebs (GH)
    David Hunt
    Maryville Rebs (M)
    Don Sentell
    Maryville Southerners (PW)
    Joe Winders
    Maryville Titans GH
    Allen Latham
    Rockford GH
    Jeff Kitts
    Rockford PeeWees
    Jason Dewitt
    Rockford Midgets
    Robby Ford
    Southside GH
    Trent Powell
    Southside PeeWees Daniel Hodges

    Southside Midgets
    Joe Akins