News & Important Updates

Hello Friends of Parks & Recreation,

We are steadily planning and working hard in making modified plans for the operation of facilities and programs for fall and winter.  As of now, we are looking to still offer programs and facility operations with many modifications in place in order to safely operate.  This is subject to change though as we will be taking precautions based on the Governor’s Executive Orders and TN Pledge (for phases) as they occur, as well as using the American Camp Association and CDC summer camp/programs guidelines as they are introduced.  As a government entity and one of the 89 counties that must adhere to the Governor’s Executive Orders and TN Pledge (for phases), we will be following any orders that pertain to recreation, sports, numbers of people who can gather, etc.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to try and provide some fun options for your family this year.  We are learning to be flexible as things change amidst new information that is released on COVID-19, and we encourage you to regularly visit our website at for any updates and a full listing of opportunities.  We encourage you to register for programs soon, as space will be limited for many programs, and we will offer refunds or credits to your on-line account for any cancelled programs as needed.  *Please note that if the activity is cancelled, or if you choose to withdraw from the activity and have paid on-line, the on-line transaction fee portion is not refundable.

BLOUNT COUNTY GOVERNMENT STATES :  As one of 89 counties that must follow the Governor’s Orders, we are subject to laws that are different to our neighboring Knox County which is one of the six metro counties allowed to provide their own plans.  The Attorney General recently provided an opinion that explains the Governor’s authority in a public health emergency and the inability of local governments (89 counties) to override the Governor’s decisions. The opinion states, “Regardless of the choice that he might make, political subdivisions may not take any action that undermines the executive orders. Thus, a political subdivision may not take any action that is either more restrictive or less restrictive as to the subjects addressed in the orders. Such action would be at cross purposes with the orders and, therefore, constitute an impermissible legal conflict.”

Programs and use of facilities offered by the Maryville-Alcoa-Blount County Parks & Recreation Commission comply with the current Executive Orders issued by Governor Lee, and is in compliance with guidelines from the CDC.  Compliance with the guidelines minimizes the risk of exposure to COVID-19 but cannot eliminate the potential of exposure.  If you or your child (as a participant) has a compromised immune system, we recommend no participation in programs or facility use at this time.   Our staff is trying to provide the safest environment possible by following current guidelines and committing to follow any additional requirements made by federal, state, and/or local regulations. If it becomes apparent a quality experience cannot be provided while in compliance with the recommended guidelines, the program will be cancelled and any paid fees will be fully refunded (minus any on-line transaction fees).