Duck pond Fishing Derby for Kids

SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 2023 • 8AM - 1PM • (Rain Date: June 11 1:00-5:30 PM)
This event for Ages 3-15 is held in sponsorship with TWRA, Wal-Mart, and other area organizations. Trophies are awarded in each age division for the largest fish and the most fish caught. Overall event winner for each category will receive atrophy as well. All participants receive a goody bag and are eligible to win door prizes including a grand prize. A fun and games area will also be available after weigh-in. Click here for more information.
Saturday, June 10, 2023
(Rain Date: June 11  1:00-5:30 PM)
Alcoa Duck Pond
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Everyone needs to check-in on-site between 7:00-7:45 AM.
Use button on right to pre-register on-line or at the Parks & Rec. office through 3:00 PM Friday before the event. Registration also taken on-site the day of the event from 7:00-8:00 AM.

Everyone must check-in at the Registration Tent the morning of the event.
$8.00 pre-registration
$12.00 day of the event

Register Online

Rules & Information

This event is designed to allow children the opportunity to experience and LEARN the concepts of fishing. Adults are allowed to provide ASSISTANCE ONLY, but CANNOT "FISH" for the participant! Participants may be subject to disqualification for not abiding by the rules of the event.

⚬ Even if you have pre-registered, you must check-in on-site to get your goody bag and door prize tickets.

⚬ Every participant receives a Fishing Derby keepsake. A drink and goody bag are guaranteed to the first 200 participants .

⚬ All participants are eligible for numerous door prizes including a grand prize.

⚬ Event management provided by Parks & Rec. staff, Alcoa Fishing Team, and area volunteers.

⚬ Trophy for the Overall Event Champion for the “Largest Fish” caught, as well as the “Most Fish” caught.

⚬ 1st place trophies will be awarded in each age group for the “Largest Fish” (weight) and 1st through 4th place trophies for the  "Most Fish Caught" (total weight of 10 fish maximum).

⚬ Age divisions: 3-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-12, 13-15

⚬ All children must be accompanied by an adult in order to participate.

⚬ Participants may use 1 ROD ONLY.

⚬ Bank fishing only - No wading. Event encourages catch and release. Please bring stringer and bucket!

⚬ All fish must be checked in to be eligible for awards.

⚬ Adults are allowed to provide assistance only with baiting, casting and removing fish from hook, but cannot “fish” for the participant. Fishing for participant may result in forfeiture of awards eligibility.

⚬ Parents should visit our website Saturday morning in case of cancellation due to inclement weather. If cancelled, the Derby will be re-scheduled for the next day, Sunday, 1:00-4:30 p.m.

⚬ No fishing license is required on event day.

Weigh-In Times:
Age groups will be called out on the p.a. system when the weigh-in tent is ready. Approximate times are listed below:
Ages 3-4 - 10:15 a.m.
Ages 5-7 - 10:30 a.m.
Ages 8-10 - 10:45 a.m.
Ages 11-12 - 11:00 a.m.
Ages 13-15 - 11:15 a.m.


Almost 200 kids participated in the 28th annual Alcoa Duck Pond Fishing Derby for Kids on Saturday, June 11.  585 pounds of fish were weighed in and 307 fish were caught!  The event was sponsored by Parks & Recreation, Wal-Mart, TWRA, and other area sponsors.  The derby was held for Ages 3–15 to encourage the sport of fishing for kids.  Congratulations to this year's winners:

Overall Event - Biggest Fish

Jameson Payne - 5.4 lbs

Overall Event - Most Fish Per Weight (Up to 10 Fish)

Austin Claiborne - 19.5 lbs

Award winners for Ages 3 & 4:

Biggest Fish – Ranger Brown - 3.7 lbs
1st Place Most Fish – Ridge Brown - 8.7 lbs
2nd Place Most Fish – Charlotte Fritts - 7.7 lbs
3rd Place Most Fish – Ranger Brown - 5.6 lbs
4th Place Most Fish – Nevaeh Franklin - 5.1 lbs

Award winners for Ages 11-12:

Biggest Fish – Jameson Payne - 5.4 lbs
1st Place Most Fish – Aiden Clark - 17.3 lbs
2nd Place Most Fish – Gabe Fritts - 14.7 lbs
3rd Place Most Fish – Arianna Presley - 9.6 lbs
4th Place Most Fish – Derick Saunders - 7.6 lbs

Award winners for Ages 5-7:

Biggest Fish – Wyatt Smith - 3.8 lbs.
1st Place Most Fish – Peyton Thacker - 15.1 lbs
2nd Place Most Fish – Eli Fowler - 11.5 lbs
3rd Place Most Fish – Drake Harness - 8.3 lbs Lunker 3.5
4th Place Most Fish – Camden Teffeteller - 8.3 lbs Lunker 3.4

Award winners for Ages 13-15:

Biggest Fish – Sam McCammon - 4.1 lbs
1st Place Most Fish – Austin Claiborne - 19.5 lbs
2nd Place Most Fish – Jaden Crawford - 17.8 lbs
3rd Place Most Fish – Carson Weber - 17.5 lbs
4th Place Most Fish – Gracelyn Fritts - 17.4 lbs

Award winners for Ages 8-10:

Biggest Fish – Brylee Jones - 18.1 lbs
1st Place Most Fish – Brylee Jones - 18.1 lbs
2nd Place Most Fish – Nicolas Burns - 9.7 lbs
3rd Place Most Fish – Shelbie Holcomb - 8.8 lbs
4th Place Most Fish – Jonthana Leatherwood - 7.4 lbs