Petsafe Dog Park

510 McCammon Avenue, Maryville, TN 37801.  Hours are dawn until dusk.

Facilities Include:

○ .5 acre for small dogs
○ 1 acre for large dogs
○ Pavilion
○ Benches
○ Waste Stations
○ Dogs-only water fountains
○ Unleashing area


There is limited parking on McCammon Ave closest to the dog park. Visitors may walk to the park area. A municipal lot and parking garage is located on Harper just above the greenbelt area where the dog park is located.


Facilities Include:

○ All dogs must be current with all shots, healthy and wearing a collar, current rabies tag, and identification at all times.
○ All dogs must be leashed upon entering/exiting the park.
○ Leashes must be in owner's possession at all times.
○ Owners must keep their dogs in view and in voice control at all times.
○ Leaving dogs unattended is prohibited.Owners must clean up after their dogs.
○ Waste receptacles are provided.
○ Aggressive dogs are not permitted.
○ Owners must remove their dogs upon the first sign of aggression.
○ Dogs must be discouraged from digging. Owners must fill any holes.
○ Food, beverages, smoking, and picnicking are prohibited.
○ Dogs that are ill, injured, or in heat are prohibited.
○ Limit is three dogs per person.
○ Children 12 and under must be supervised.
○ Be cautious with dog toys; some dogs don't like to share.
Emergencies and Maintenance Issues
Report emergencies to 911 immediately. Contact Parks & Recreation at 983-9244 for any maintenance or operational concerns.